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About parWinr: Why Game-ify Your Video?

parWinr offers online authoring tool to gamify linear video content to engage the end users while they watch video. Brand marketers and advertiser can use parWinr video gamification product to increase engaging conversation with consumers and understand consumer behavior, knowledge, opinions and preferences. parWinr helps marketers in increasing brand loyalty and sales ROI.

Today proliferating channels and consumers’ control of their own media have eroded advertising effectiveness in breaking through ‘clutter’ in the media landscape. Also marketers and advertisers have difficulty in capturing consumers attention and measuring success. Combining games with videos solves these problems in a win-win: enjoyment for the user yields transaction and measurement for the provider. parWinr private label users engage, educate and reward their end users based on the engagement results, e.g., how questions are answered or number of points collected at the time when consumer is engaged. These steps in parWinr’s method ultimately yield the most valuable asset for all - RESULTS in sales and data. Analysts tracking this trend anticipate the market to exceed $10 billion by 2016.

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